The Festival

The Sixth Fest is a brand new fringe festival open to any kind of event from any kind of participant to multiply our collective power to build a better future and reverse the climate emergency.








The festival has a main run each Earth Day and produces events throughout the year.

Earth Day, 2021 was the festival’s first year:


Yeah. Free.

For all life on earth.


A girl in Sweden sat alone outside of a building of Parliament with a sign that said:


pretty soon, she wasn’t alone.
pretty soon, young people everywhere were on the streets, and she was in front of the UN.
pretty soon, they were on the streets in Chicago.

Not because they are experts.
Not because they caused the mess.
Not because they have any special powers.


Shortly after the youth climate strikes in Chicago, artists came together to discuss what they could do. What came of those meetings was 
The Sixth Festival.

We have:




    and obviously no real experience in websites.

We also have:


  • an understanding of what is at stake.
  • an amazing collection of festival staff and participants choosing to contribute their time and talents for free.


If this is what we did without funding, what we could do with support is endless...

*Donations handle through 
The Still Point Theatre Collective*

More about the festival


We are what is called a fringe festival, meaning that people of all kinds and disciplines, doing events of all kinds, in all kinds of places are welcome. It is the intention that anyone, anywhere can be part of the festival and that we are ultimately mostly a calendar. Though we will always have events that are produced by the festival, it is more important that multiplication of events and locations happens, and that people everywhere decide to hold events of their own so that we can raise awareness to stop the crisis.

This being our first year, most events ended up being a collaboration between the festival and individuals or institutions. Falling under both “Main” and “Fringe” Event categories listed below.

 Not all events will be about climate change directly. Events can be just about anything. There is a lot that goes into this problem, and almost everything will be affected by it. There are also a lot of solutions. A lot. Events can be about any of these.

Or, sometimes, we just need to dance. 

Whatever the event, whatever the message or lack thereof, we need to rally like we never have before.


            In Chicago   

The festival hosts Main Events, which the festival produces itself, and Fringe Events that can be brought by anyone. Main Events are the only events the festival has direct part in putting on. The rest of the events are put on independently by whatever organization, institution, group, or individual wants to be involved, though we can match applicants with other applicants where needed. Most outdoor events will take place at Chicago Parks since they are free, but we invite applicants to be inventive. Online events can be on whatever platforms, YouTube, Zoom, etc, and the festival will link to them on its calendar of events.

            Main Events   

follow stricter practices of sustainability, inclusion, and responsibility to stand as an example for putting the solutions to the crisis into practice.

        • Two documentaries by award-winning filmmakers
        • Poetry slam and park cleanups
        • Panels on activism 
        • Online film showings
        • A night on how to change things with local activists
        • More

            Fringe Events   

are produced by participants themselves. These events can be fully-self supporting, meaning they require no other aide or resources. (Ex: a school hosts a lecture series or presents students’ work; people go take pictures in parks together and share them online; a food kitchen will open for a day.)

These events can also be made up of partnerships between applicants and venues. (Ex: actors wanting to be in a play or film, a play or film requiring actors and partners, scientists looking to partner with creatives, outdoor venues wishing to host musicians.) The possibilities here are endless. Please do not take the above examples as anything like what your event needs to be. It can be anything.

        • There will be as many events as there are applicants to make them happen.
        • To see an example of a fringe festival, see the largest in the world in Edinburgh.
        • We celebrate and uplift your local, creative initiatives.

Click here to make a difference and submit to participate! 

If you are interested in bringing the festival to your city, on however small or large a scale, reach out to with ‘SIXTH IN (YOUR CITY’S NAME)’ in the subject line.

The festival had its inaugural run April 22 - May 2, 2021