All events for 2021 will be outdoors or online at this time.

Distancing, masks, occupancy limits, and any city mandates must be followed by participants and attendees, during both rehearsals and performances. In-person, outdoor events should be ready to switch to an online/screen version, or to be cancelled.

Climate change is not going to stop so neither are we.

The goal of the festival…

is to bring people together through a wide variety of events (artistic, informational, activist, etc.) in Chicago, other cities, and online to inform, uplift, and inspire action, to centralize the issue, to gather and multiply our collective power to stop the sixth mass extinction on our planet.


You may submit as:

      • an individual wishing to join an event 
      • an organization wishing to be part of an event
      • an organization hosting an event
      • a venue

*There is no funding or payment from the festival of any kind at this time.*

Inclusion is primary. This is an everyone problem requiring an everyone solution. Whoever you are, whatever your art form, trade, organization, or institution, we are interested in hearing from you and how you would take part in creating a livable future. Events, venues, and partnerships of all kinds are invited to apply. Invent!


Not all events need to, or should be, about the environment. The problems in the environment are a side effect of many aspects of human society. Topics could range from racism (the global south will be hit the hardest though having contributed to the problem the least, and the north is responding by tightening borders,) to a play about partisan politics (which are blocking all kinds of progress) shown within a story about a divided family, to a presentation on farming and animal agriculture (the second largest contributor,) to a wide-range of other events.

What do you care about? Where do you see an avenue for change?

Producing Events

For those submitting events: the festival will provide guidance and will match people, projects and venues as much as possible, but is not responsible for producing events in most cases. We honor your initiative and trust your contribution. Please find a Project Lead responsible for the event or be that PL yourself!  (You’ve got it in you!)

For those submitting an event that will need partners or support: the more you can bring on your own, the more likely it is to happen.

We encourage you to follow our Guiding Principles as much as you can. We’ll work with Project Leads and venues to find ways that events can put solutions to the crisis into practice.

Important Dates

Submissions for 2021 are now closed.


Submission Forms

To submit an independent event, check back Fall 2021.

      • This is for applicants who do not need support or partnership with other applicants
      • This is also the portal for events outside Chicago

To submit an event that will need support or partners, check back Fall 2021.

      • This is for applicants who want to contribute the main idea for an event, who will be or will provide the Project Lead in charge of making the event happen, but that need or would like people and places to work with—a writer with a script needing a production team, community leaders wishing to partner with artists, schools seeking partners for a presentation, etc.


To submit to an event, including our Main Events, as an individual or organization, check back Fall 2021.

      • If you would like to submit a play to our short play festival, email
      • This is for people who would like to have their skill or group assigned to a project—actors, writers, speakers, performers, technicians, organizers, researchers, etc.

To submit an outside venue for use, check back Fall 2021.


We highly encourage partnerships across disciplines and institutions. We need to reach as many people as possible and build bridges to come together. If you are a creator, think about reaching out to a scientist, see what someone else would say with your talent. If you are a presenter, seek an organization to partner with beyond one that normally hosts your kind of presentation. If you are on the frontline in your local community, check out the other side of town or other groups to work with.


If you would like to hold an event or a branch of the festival in your city, however big or small, email with “SIXTH IN (YOUR CITY’S NAME)” in the subject line. We’ll offer guidance and support, but it’s yours to run.


If you are interested in sponsoring, see our sponsors and donations page (COMING SOON).